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- Our values are the purpose, learning is the process, fun and personal growth are the result.

Troop 29 Is always Scouting in Person or Virtually if needed!

Well, we are all indoors sheltering in place like the Obedient scouts we are supposed to be but that doesn't mean that all scouting has stopped. Troop 29 is taking advantage of this home bound time to see how far we can adapt our program to the virtual world. As much as we all hate not being able to get into our natural habitat (A scouts natural home is in the outdoors!) we are discovering that there is very little that cannot be accomplished electronically. I feel like I'm shilling for Zoom (definitely not) but we are grateful for a cost effective tool to stay connected!

Troop 29 is holding virtual Troop Meetings, Patrol Meetings, Merit Badge Counseling sessions, Skills training, Scoutmaster Conferences, Boards of Review and we are planning a virtual camp out. We all hope that once we can get back outside we will not have lost our edge and can jump right back into an outdoor lifestyle.

Join Troop 29 NOW!

Webelos! Did COVID-19 prevent you from crossing over to your troop? Is your chosen troop not meeting? Well why hold up your scouting career when you can join Troop 29 Virtually right away. Troop 29 is conducting it's First Year / First Class program intended for new scouts online so you won't miss anything. Our "Flaming Nukes" patrol is meeting every week and our Troop Guides are working with scouts just like they would if we were meeting in person.

Interested in getting connected? Drop an email to the Scoutmaster and we will send you the Zoom link.

Not to worry - Troop 29 practices safe Zoom etiquette with passwords, waiting area and two deep leadership for Youth Protection at all meetings.

Weekly Merit Badge Materials

If you are looking for information related to a merit badge you are working on - or perhaps inspiration on what Merit badge you might take follow the link for recommendations on Merit Badges that are age and skill appropriate. Clicking on one of the badges will bring up the requirements so you can make a good decision to start or not.

MB requirements for current virtual classes

Weekly Skills Training Sessions

A scout is thrifty with his time. While we may not like sheltering in place what better way to spend the time than learning a new skill or brushing up on an old one! Each week we are offering a changing curriculum of skills for scouts to teach and learn.

Current Skills Being Taught

Outdoor - Social Distancing Activities

We may be socially isolated but a scout is physically fit. To that end we encourage all scouts to do as much as they can to exercise and get outdoors. We are working on two programs to encourage physical fitness and camping. Details offered at Troop meetings.

  • Hiking - Troop 29 is throwing down a virtual gauntlet to any other troop interested in a "Hiking Competition". We aren't talking about a traditional hike - this is all about personal exercise and social distancing. Each patrol/scout will record using an approved method the number of steps he takes during his daily encouraged physically activity. Totals are recorded and announced weekly at the troop meeting. Total distances are then computed to see which patrol has done the most miles! We'd love to 'race' another troop across the state....or perhaps even further! Email the Senior Patrol Leader to accept the challenge.

  • Camping - The PLC is currently putting together a 'Virtual Troop Campout'. Details to come!

Scouting Safe

Troop 29 COVID-19 Activity Protocols

Troop 29 and it's Charter Partner Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church are eager to see in person scouting resume as soon as possible. Unfortunately we do not believe that current conditions warrant the safe resumption of in person scouting and activities. This has not prohibited us from developing a set of policies and protocols around how we will operate once our partner gives us the 'go ahead'. As such the Troop 29/1029 Committee has created the set of policies found by clicking on the image link to the right.

To view the presentation given at our Family Meeting 6/1 please Click here.

CURRENT EFFECTIVE STATUS: As of July 13, 2020 Troop 29/1029 is operating under the parameters of:

Please check this location to understand which rules we are currently operating under.

Troop 29 is BSA GOLD Journey to Excellence Rated.

A Journey to Excellence Gold Troop

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Eagle Rank


Congratulations Skylar and Sean! Skylar and Sean are Troop 29's 143rd and 144th Eagle Scouts! On behalf of Troop 29's scouts, scout leadership, adult scouters, and parents we would like to congratulate them on a job well done and for helping to set the standard for Troop 29 Eagles scouts. Well done!

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