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Webelos Introduction to Boy Scouts

Webelos to Scout


We're glad you decided to take a closer look at Troop 29. But more importantly we want you to decide that you want to become a Boy Scout.

The Boy Scouts have been helping train the leaders of tomorrow to make moral and ethical decisions in the United States for over 106 years and Troop 29 is proud to have been serving the local Red Clay community for over 65 of those years.

This page is intended to help Webelos scouts and their parents find the information they need to make a choice as they evaluate and select a troop. We obviously think that the best choice is Troop 29, but we want you to agree before you commit yourself. So, here are some useful bits of information...a few links...and a couple of downloads to help you in your decision making.

Making Your Choice

If you're just getting started or want to know some of the basics about Boy Scouts download this document. It gives you a quick overview and offers a nice chart (on page 4) outlining what we think are the most important elements to consider as you compare troops.

BSA Guide - Webelos to Scout

Troop 29 Evaluation Checklist - Completed for T29.

Webelos Weekend October 22nd and 23rd 2016

Webelos Weekend Logo How would you know if Troop 29 is right for you if you don't come camping with us before deciding on where you will scout? Each year Troop 29 holds a Webelos Weekend for neighboring pack's webelos to come and camp with the troop. Here is an opportunity to have a great time, meet and watch the troop in action, and earn credit toward your Arrow of Light by visiting and camping with a Boy Scout Troop.

Invitation to Webelos I & II Scouts
Join Troop 29 is being Marooned at Roosevelt Scout Reservation
October 22 – 23, 2016

Troop 29 would like to extend an invitation to Webelos I and II Scouts and parent(s) to camp with us at our annual Webelos Weekend at Roosevelt Scout Reservation (Cafeteria area. The entrance is before Watson’s. The Main entrance is after the pond, but we will be camping in the same area as the 2015 Camporee.).

The Theme this year is MAROONED! The CODE (that’s Boy Scout Code to you!) was not upheld so our scouts and Webelos have been marooned on an island in the Caribbean and must use their Scoutcraft skills to survive. We want to see which patrol manages to ‘get off the island’ having survived it’s rigors. (Sorry, no sea turtles available)

Wear your Field Uniform, but feel free to bring your pirate togs along to help us capture the right spirit. (no weapons please…we are being marooned after all….)

Your Webelos Den Leader will need to pre-register with Troop 29 (Give us a head count).

Registration Deadline October17th 2016 We need the number of Webelos I, Webelos II and Adults attending. NOTE: Please advise us of any dietary restrictions by this date.

Cost is $25 per person – please make check payable to Troop 29 by Monday, October 17th.

Who's Who

Senior Patrol Leader: Patrick B.
Troop Guides: Greg & Charlie
Scoutmaster: Randy Spencer
Committee Chairman: Tracey Lank
Charter Organization Representative: Mike Hawley

Contact Information

Troop 29
500 McKennan's Church Road
Wilmington, DE. 19808

Phone: 302.998.0434
Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church
Get Driving Directions to Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church

A Journey to Excellence Gold Troop

Troop 29 Pheonix
The Phoenix has been selected as Troop 29's official symbol by the scouts of T29. Several years ago Troop 29 almost disappeared after 50+ years of continuous service. But, like the phoenix - which arises from the ashes - Troop 29 was re-born and now is a strong, active, and growing troop. Thus - the phoenix.

Useful Links

Official BSA Website
The Scout Zone
DelMarVa Council